Good moderation gives speakers and the public direction

Agile – empathetic – professional

“I don’t have to be the fifth expert in a panel discussion” (Maybritt Illner, journalist and German television host).
The word “moderate” comes from the Latin (moderare) and means to direct, guide and moderate.
Moderators have the job of directing events and talks from the beginning to the end. They guide the pace of the contributions so that the goals, themes and time planning of the event are kept to. They direct and foster the flow of a panel discussion and intervene when necessary. The job of a moderator is to build a relationship between the people on the stage and the public. This is also true for the guests in a panel discussion.

8 good reasons for professional moderation

  • Organisers and hosts can rely on the programme being professionally directed
  • Speakers have someone to talk to who gives them structure, orientation and security in terms of time management
  • The public can be sure that the moderator will create a relationship between them and the speakers. In the best case this relationship is interactive
  • Moderators should be unbiased and be able to involve different experts and characters, where possible, into the discussion
  • Moderators should be well prepared and informed about the theme of the event
  • Moderators are responsible for forming their own impression/picture of speakers and the public so that interesting facts and also personal stories and experiences come to the fore
  • Moderators need to intervene in a direct and assertive way when there are disruptions to the course of the discussion or the event
  • Moderators are time managers. Hosts and participants rely on them

7 “voices”about the moderation by

  • “Motivating“
  • “Lively, animated and evocative“
  • “Reacted professionally. Tough and always focused on the topic“
  • “Lively and at ease. Could have listened for hours“
  • “Totally professional. Played with the public/audience“
  • “Great communication with the public. Courageous and inspiring”
  • “Good responses in panel discussion”

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