Event Communication

“Success depends on previous preparation” (Confucius, Chinese philosopher)

Events need time and preparation and most of the time many people are involved in this. Development of ideas, getting agreement and forming of opinions all take time. The event communication and real-time event management of ANNÉ SCHWARZKOPF COMMUNICATIONS has 3 decades of experience and is concerned with 4 levels of event management:

  • The decision-making level
  • The controlling and directing level
  • The programme level
  • The organisational level

An event is a communication instrument. It is, by definition, a time-constrained, purposeful and organised experience, which a group of people take part in, at a particular place. The organiser stages an event in order to send a multi-sensory communication message to their participants. Thus, an interactive experience comprising of both information and emotions is born.

7 important questions for professional event preparation

  • What is your theme for the event?
  • What communication message do you want to transmit?
  • Who do you want to address?
  • Who is going to perform?
  • When do you want to hold the event and how long should it run for?
  • Why should people give up their time for the event?
  • What do you want people to remember about your event?

By answering these questions you have already prepared the ground for your event. All further questions, e.g. about costs, location, design, technology, music, catering, licenses, security, service personnel and communication can be researched, answered and decided on in the next phase of the project.

7 opinions on the event communication and real-time event management of ANNÉ SCHWARZKOPF COMMUNICATIONS

  • Acts professionally – both in the foreground and behind the scenes.
  • Extremely positive feedback from participants – entertaining and interactive.
  • Consistency of materials (invitations, menus, name badges, photo covers, photo wall, goal wall, colourfulness, lighting, carpet…) Fantastic! All together this gave the guests the impression of professionality.
  • Very attentive. The cocktails were well made and a great atmosphere was achieved though the saxophone and other music.
  • A successful evening – the guests felt very good.
  • Compliments on the good organisation – your great commitment was noticeable.
  • Wonderfully organised, well-moderated and warmly run event.

The time after the corona crisis, in which we can experience events live and in full colour with other people will return. Start to prepare yourself for them now. The thoughts always come first. We are happy to support you with event communication and real-time event management. Please ask us.


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