Coaching supports change

Good reasons that might inspire you

People do not change fundamentally because a “professional” diagnoses and treats them according to the up-to-the minute guidelines, but rather that the person builds a relationship that is based on authenticity, acceptance and empathy.“ (Friedemann Schulz von Thun in Talking with Each Other (Miteinander Reden, Band 2 from Carl Rogers).

One meaning of coaching in English is ”to travel in a coach”. In a metaphor for the coaching process the coach is the “compassionate person” who supports the client in reaching their change goals for the length of the coach journey. This can be achieved in a coaching session.

My coaching toolbox

  • A sound training as a coach and change manager with a certificate of completion
  • Scientifically-tested methods and questioning techniques
  • Knowledge sharing and exchange in coaching networks
  • Life experience: living through challenges and crises
  • Self-reflection
  • A high regard for and empathetic attitude towards clients
  • Initial clarification and goal setting
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Impartiality to contracting customer: both management and individuals in company change processes
  • A neutral opposite number, who listens actively and mirrors this back so that the clients can discover and develop their own solutions.

What does the client need?

  • A concern or a question that is keeping them busy that they want, for example, to get clarity over. For those that are looking for a way to reach the right decision.
  • Concerns and questions could be about their work, relationships to colleagues and bosses. Change processes in companies. Conflicts, crises or simply gaining clarity in their working situation.
    For example, “How do I approach a discussion with my boss”; “A change is happening in my company: how do I deal with it?”; “A colleague is bullying me and making my life difficult. I have already tried everything. What can I do now? I have almost reached the end of my tether”; “I always have bosses who criticise me. I make so much effort. What else can I do?”; “I want to go on parental leave and work less, but my co-owner is making the finances difficult. What can I do?”
  • Concerns and questions could be about their private lives, hobbies, partnerships or relationships to their families.
    For example: “For a long time I have had a project close to my heart that I wish to carry out, but I simply don’t get to it alongside my job and family. The motivation is missing”; “Should I change my name to that of my husband after the birth of our child?”

The questions that are asked of coachees are as diverse as people themselves. I recommend everyone to have coaching: it saves money, time and energy. Brooding alone and going around in circles costs much more!
I know this from my own experience! I would have more than likely done things more successfully and with more joy, if I had trusted myself earlier to book some professional coaching.
If you have a question that is concerning you then do not put it off. Get in touch with me.  
If you have experience with coaching then I would be happy to swap experiences.


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