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Media influences customers

Media influences our daily lives, our decisions and our opinions. Article 5 of the Constitutional Law protects the media and the right to freedom of expression. According to a study by SevenOne Media, television at 80% has the highest daily influence, followed by radio with 65% and Internet with 63%. Recently, however, media has been struggling with loss of confidence and harsh competition, but in Germany people use the media for more than 10 hours a day.  Local newspaper, radio or Internet. Media, journalists, bloggers and influencers are - each group is entirely different and the whole system represents the width of society. Anyone visiting shops at railway stations and airports are confronted with a range of newspapers, magazines, books and videos. There is also a huge network for online news and a large number of corporate publications, which all offer opportunities. They all expect professional journalists’ written material. Navigators, such as our experienced PR consultants, will help you find your destination.

We advise you in your selection of media that will fit to your end-users. We research journalistic usable content, show you which images have a positive impact on journalists and recommend events that the media is interested in. We maintain contacts with the press and build new ones on a daily basis. We accompany you to interviews and train with you in front of the camera. Do you wish to see your business in the media?  Do you deal with the media and wish to have a different perception? Then talk to us.

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