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Only with trust, will money flow

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the public trust in banks and financial services has significantly decreased worldwide. Numerous institutes have since disappeared from the market - nationalized, merged or have been liquidated. For bad management, large business icons in the sector have been sentenced with heavy fines. Customers, the public and the media acknowledge that with disappointment. Digitalization has been another great barrier for the industry. It is therefore, all the more important for providers of financial services to maintain strong relationships with customers, media, stakeholders and the public to prove the desire for transparency and credibility in order to plant new confidence and trust. Those who understand this are able to trust much easier. “For a better understanding” is an investment for the existence.

We advise clients from the financial services sector in PR, sustainability and CSR. Our colleagues offer a wealth of experience in the design, management, implementation of PR campaigns and CSR activities.

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