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Construction and Real Estate

Always in the public

The construction and property management industry are among the largest industries in Germany. More than 790,000 companies employ around 4 million people. After recent statistics from 2013, the industry contributed to 434 billion euros to the economy. With 10% alone being farmed from the German housing and transport company: Corporate Real Estate.  Appraisers estimate the value of around 3 billion euros. The construction and real estate industries are growing. Digitization, professionals, housing, roads, interest rate policy and energy targets are currently the greatest challenges. For an "ordinary citizen" the context and content are often difficult to understand. Therefore citizens, politicians and the media bring daily new topics onto the agenda: whether endless delays in construction projects, extensive approval processes, sky-rocketing expenses, rental price decreases or neighborhood groups who are against new construction plans.

We recommend our customers who are for example contractors, project or building material unions to early on and actively build relationships to those within the company, who have an influence in effecting the public image.  Customers have said that his can especially help in the local area. PR and Public Affairs will heavily contribute to your success, if not even secure it.

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