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Communication Unites

Good contacts and cultivated relationships are essential for the success of any business. Companies, institutions and organizations, if they wish to be accepted, rely on the communication of target groups and stakeholders.  In our PR workshops, we often hear that the action of communication is focused on sales and financiers. If we then look at the client relationship span, these target groups often make up only 20%. However, you will usually get 100 percent of the attention of the respective management level. The remaining 80 percent of the relationship environment is underestimated. If interference occurs, it could drastically affect part of, or the core 20% target group. Do not let it get so far. PR and Public Affairs are ideally suited to mobilize this power. Considered at an early stage, the success can be leveraged and considerable losses evaded.

Our PR agency has for decades maintained a network on an international level and runs through various professions and age groups. Personal relationships are extremely valuable and can lead to the success for our customers, partners and employees and for this we often get recognition.

In addition, we are constantly involved with the following organizations:




The German Journalists Association (DJV) is a combination of trade unions and an association of journalists from all media. Founded in 1949, currently with 35,000 members, the Association is the largest journalistic organization within Europe. The member’s consist of permanently employed individuals, freelance journalists or employees of press offices and PR agencies.

Anné Schwarzkopf is a member since 1985. The employees of the PR agency Anne SCHWARZKOPF COMMUNICATIONS support an independent media system that respects human dignity and the right to freedom of expression.



The DPRG - German Public Relations Association e.V. is the association of PR professionals in Germany. The organization was founded 1958 in Cologne, by Carl Hundshausen and Albert Oeckl, currently represents approximately 3,000 members from communications departments, PR agencies and Universities. The members are committed to being informative, competent and sincere and openly communicate in public with their clients and reference groups.

Anné Schwarzkopf is member since 1997. The PR agency Anne SCHWARZKOPF COMMUNICATIONS and its employees respect the internationally approved PR ethic codes. In this sense they convey their knowledge and principal positions. They publicize, sharpen critical judgment of dialogue groups, build on trust and ensure a fair conflict communication.

Women in the Real Estate Industry


The Association for Women in the Real Estate Industry e.V. (FIDI) was founded in 2000.  It is the first women’s organization of Executives and Junior Managers within the real estate industry. Since then, the percentage of women has been steadily growing and the number of women in top positions continues to rise. They are represented in 10 different cities in Germany and now supported by 700 members.

Anné Schwarzkopf is a member since 2004. In that same year, she was appointed as honorary spokesperson for the region of Cologne. In 2005 she developed, together with Sabine Schorn, the largest annual event for the association: the 1st Federal Congress of Women in the real estate industry e.V., which took place as the “VISIONALE '05“ in Cologne under the auspices of the former Mayor Fritz Schramma.  The motto “Cologne kisses its bank back” influenced numerous Cologne estate agencies to advertise their building projects along the two banks of the Rhine River. Today, Anné Schwarzkopf promotes the association as a full member, bringing customers from the PR agency Anne SCHWARZKOPF COMMUNICATIONS.

Economic Affairs Council - Germany


The Economic Council is committed to the social market economy. Founded in 1963 from entrepreneurs, in the spirit of Ludwig Erhard, it promotes the independent parties organization exchange between policy-makers and entrepreneurs. Today, it represents the interests of around 15,000 entrepreneurs: In regional associations and regional sections people of all ages, industries and social background, those working full-time or volunteering for the social market economy. Once a year in Berlin, politicians and society meet for the Business Forum.

[Translate to English:] Zeitungspaten

Wer Zeitung liest, kann mitreden! Darum unterstützen wir das Projekt „Zeitungspaten“ des Kölner Stadtanzeigers (Verlinkung). Gerade in der heutigen digitalen Medienlandschaft brauchen wir Aktionen wie diese, um junge Leute wieder für das Zeitunglesen zu begeistern. Zeitungen helfen, die Informationsflut zu bündeln und Themen mit wissenswerten Hintergrundinformationen zu vertiefen. Mit Qualitätsmedien erhalten Jugendliche einen wichtigen Einblick in gesellschaftsrelevante Themen – das stärkt ihr Allgemeinwissen, aber auch ihr Selbstbewusstsein und erhöht dazu die Zukunftschancen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt.

Honorary chairman of the NRW state commission of urban development, real estate, and construction: In 2009 Anné Schwarzkopf founded the nationwide Commission. Since then it has developed into a driving committee consisting of experts from industry events to companies, politicians of all parties, professors and the media. The Commission works in cooperation with numerous committees within the Economic Council, such as the Young Economic Council, regional associations and sections as well as others, such as the German Society for Sustainable Building. Join us.

Honorary member of the Bureau of the Section Cologne: In 2014 the board of directors nominated Anné Schwarzkopf into the management.  The teams’ members are lead by the Federal Executive Christian-Eldach Herfeldt who uses his extensive network for numerous events in the region. Take part if you like.

Honorary Chairman of the Commission for Economic Cologne: In 2013 Andrea Verpoorten MdL A.D. founder of the Section Board Cologne, nominated Anné Schwarzkopf to appoint the Commission. Since then they have developed a committee consisting of representatives of regional economic company events, associations and Universities. In addition, the Commission organizes meetings with politicians of all parties, providing interesting media information. Join us