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Press Relations

Media creates opinions

"The bait has to taste the fish, not the fisherman," says media. Whoever wishes to interest editors, journalists and bloggers on issues and events, has to deal with them and what their focus is. "Why should my readers know about it?" is the editors most frequently asked question. Media publish for their clients. It is our job as a public relations agency, to ensure journalists offer information that may interest their readers, listeners and viewers. With our service "press relations", we advise customers to research and redefine their topics, develop stories, create events, organize press site visits, coach interviewees, write texts and manage the coordination with stakeholders. However, there is never a guarantee for publication. Clipping successes are the result of dedication, swiftness, well-recycled journalistic information and maintained contacts. Here, the good old instrument of this press release is particularly powerful, but only if it is by today's standards and recyclable, it has to have a good story, combined with strong content management by means of video and audio, as well as links and info graphics. Then they can easily compete with content marketing, because it combines strong quality content, which written for SEO is highly credible and simultaneously also promotes the Google ranking.

Find out the potential and strength of your media. Use it for your business goals. Our journalists and PR professionals are here to advise you.

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