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Media Training

The point on 30 seconds!

Anyone can do a media training. Whether the first or the hundredth interview - Training is always possible. Those who have too much technical jargon in their head, cannot get to the point and as a result, no one understands. Listeners and viewers switch off. Chancellor Angela Merkel once said: "I have learned to have a maximum of 3 points in my head when talking to the media."

Our experienced training team will aid you in answering penetrating questions with calmness and help you to be perfectly prepared for criticism in interviews. We advise how you can sharpen and strengthen your message and give you tips on how to bring your voice and body language to your best advantage. In a mixture of trainers, TV presenters and professional PR consultants, we have been successful in achieving excellent results for our customers. To many it has even helped them in their daily activities such as in meetings, at conferences and in client presentations.

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