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Crisis Communication

Any situation can become a crisis

Construction projects are particularly susceptible to crisis. And it's not just Stuttgart 21, the Berlin airport or the Elbphilharmonie Philharmonic building.  Construction- sites are in the public eye. Everyone can see what happens or as so often what does not happen. They are in the neighborhood, are the main topic and deliver pictures. Reason enough for contractors to be early prepared with a communication strategy for public relations. The sooner professional instruments of Public Relations and Public Affairs are incorporated within a project, the stronger it can influence the acceptance of the contractors. Advisor is an active dialogue, which should be considered for the target groups within and outside of the building project. PR is a good investment for the value of a property. You can help to avoid conflicts of interest, to shorten approval and construction times and to promote the success of your marketing.

Construction projects have usually a long way in front of them. The PR consultants and the emergency case for any crisis are part the luggage we carry.  It is important that when things get ugly, you’re prepared. Our approved specialists will support you.

Press relations