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Events / Presentations

Live stays unique

Talking can solve so much, even more with good humor and laughter. That is communication. It is irreplaceable for the success of the individual and indispensable for the acceptance of companies and brands. Events provide you with the closeness; in the first place, it allows the context to be brought to the sector. In exchange with other information it makes it easier to understand and is usually the best way to make new contacts that help you get ahead. To get to know each other builds trust and appreciation. Shared experiences help overcome prejudices and to improve relations.

Our specialists are highly creative in the development of events and successful in their implementation. We will always find reasons for having events: the party for the new office, the closure of a construction process or a panel discussion for a great topic in the industry. We advise you in designing the program, choosing the right speakers and presenters. We will find the right location, the music to for the desired mood and the appropriate entertainment for the content. We brief your video and photography team for bookings.  All in all, we happily provide you the concept for the operational and budget planning. Look forward to a successful event and a positive feedback.

Life is live.


Moderation supports Events and speaking structure

A moderated event allows the host, a stage to worthily introduce himself and his guests the nice feeling of getting comfortably involved in a program.

A moderated panel discussion should relax the guests, create different perspectives on the subject and offer the audience new insights. Therefore, when designing a panel discussion the most important question is: What should the audience take with them?  If the audience is meant to learn something new, is it to be confirmed in his opinion, or is it only about arguing? In trade-talks the question is still considerable. Why should people come? The answer to that occupies the speaker’s chair.

We are successful in the designing of panel discussions. Our customers come from urban development, technical Universities, construction, landscaping and real estate unions. Anné Schwarzkopf is often booked for expert discussions, awards and customer events. She is also the creator and producer of the economic format DEAL TALK. Published from 2008 to 2013 - 16 Live Talks in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. DEAL TALK is currently being re-launched.

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