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Executive Director: Anné Schwarzkopf M.A.
Stadtwaldgürtel 42
D - 50931 Köln
Phone +49 221-400 83-90
Fax +49 221-400 83-99


Headquarters and District Court Cologne HRA [trade register] 27580

Tax No. 223/5801/8262
Sales tax ID DE815367391


Conception and implementation: mirador GmbH


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Exclusion of liability
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Responsibility for links
ANNÉ SCHWARZKOPF COMMUNICATIONS is responsible for its own content according to general law. The responsibility for third-party content from other service providers who are identified with a link on this site lies with the respective service provider. In this regard, please note that ANNÉ SCHWARZKOPF COMMUNICATIONS subjects third-party content to legal examination at the time they are linked initially. On-going monitoring of the linked contents, however, is neither required by law nor practically possible. To the extent that ANNÉ SCHWARZKOPF COMMUNICATIONS receives affirmative notice of illegal content by third parties, it will immediately remove the related links from its site in line with a technically reasonable effort.

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